Oliver Bothwell

I am a design director, interested in how design can be used to communicate ideas and inform efficiently and simply. I am self-motivated, flexible and thrive on the pressure from working on demanding projects. I enjoy working with people with different skill sets as I find this often gives the opportunity to develop the most interesting solutions. Throughout my career I have worked in both big and small teams, across many disciplines but what drives me is the opportunity to use design to solve problems and convey thought provoking content.

I have experience working with the following clients / studios:
 – Tortoise
 – The School of Life
 – The Guardian
 – The Telegraph
 – The Times of London
 – Mark Porter
 – Pentagram NY (Luke Hayman)
 – Base Design Brussels
 – North Design
 – Science Museum

If you would like to speak to me about a project or would like to know more about my experience please get in touch: design@oliverbothwell.co.uk